Meet our Neighbours

Meet our neighbours: Adam S, Whitby, Ontario

Written by Anne Morello

March 26th marks Purple Day, a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness and breaking down the stigma associated with epilepsy – a neurological disorder that affects roughly 1 in 100 Canadians. 

Adam Shapiro is among the many Canadians living with epilepsy, but he has not let his condition prevent him from making a meaningful impact in his community. Adam gained confidence and valuable skills through his participation in the Securing Futures Program with Epilepsy Toronto

With newfound confidence, Adam turned to his local community to offer his services and build connections. One of Adam’s first neighbours to benefit from his willingness to help was the Doyle family. Christopher Doyle, who lives on Adam’s street, needed someone nearby to care for his cat while his family went on vacation. Adam jumped at the chance to lend a hand.

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Adam Shapiro, Whitby, Ontario

 Since then, Adam has become a vital member of his Whitby community, offering his services to neighbours in many ways– from shoveling snow for the elderly to volunteering at the local retirement home. With the support of his community and resources such as Epilepsy Toronto, Adam has proven that with  community connections and local support, epilepsy does not have been an isolating experience.

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