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Nextdoor Pride: Supporting our LGBTQIA+ neighbours

Written by #TeamNextdoor

June is Pride Month, and neighbours around the world are coming together to celebrate, reflect, and advocate for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe everyone should feel welcome in their neighbourhood, and this moment in time is an opportunity to show your support for equality and ultimately help cultivate a more inclusive neighbourhood all year round. 

We stand with the LGBTQIA+ community and recognize Pride as an important cultural moment representative of equal rights. We are thrilled to share a celebratory version of the Nextdoor logo during this upcoming Pride Weekend that we hope will help make LGBTQIA+ neighbours feel seen and welcomed on Nextdoor. The logo was designed by members of our Rainbowhood LGBTQIA+ employee resource group and features the full spectrum of the rainbow from the traditional Pride flag plus colours from the Progress flag: black to represent those living with and lost to HIV/AIDS, brown to represent queer people of colour, and light blue, pink, and white to represent the transgender and non-binary community.

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To ensure our actions align with our core values, we have updated our policy on discrimination and equality to explicitly state that any mistreatment, aggression, or unkindness shown to people on the basis of their gender and/or sexual orientation is expressly prohibited on Nextdoor. Further, we know that LGBTQIA+ issues have a significant place in neighbourhoods everywhere, which is why content discussing or celebrating LGBTQIA+ matters is allowed on Nextdoor as long as it adheres to our community guidelines. If you see a post or comment that you believe is homophobic or discriminatory in nature, please follow these steps to report it. If you see a post from a neighbour whose behavior is homophobic or discriminatory, please follow these steps to report the individual.

Thank you for doing your part to make Nextdoor a welcoming platform for LGBTQIA+ neighbours everywhere, and happy Pride to all. 

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