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Nextdoor partners with Vaccine Hunters to help Canadians find hyper-local vaccine information

Written by #TeamNextdoor

As vaccines roll out across Canada, Nextdoor, the neighbourhood app, has partnered with Vaccine Hunters to bring vital vaccine information to neighbourhoods across Ontario. Beginning today, neighbours will receive hyper-local updates from the Vaccine Hunters in their Nextdoor neighbourhood newsfeed. These updates will contain information about vaccine availability and eligibility in their neighbourhood, and information about nearby clinics serving their community. 

Vaccine Hunters will be using Nextdoor’s Public Services Platform which enables them to geo-target communications into specific regions, municipalities, and neighbourhoods throughout Ontario. 

“Canadians turn to Nextdoor everyday for hyper-local information,” said Christopher Doyle, Managing Director of Nextdoor Canada. “As vaccines become available postal code by postal code, we’re proud to have the Vaccine Hunters join our hyper-local ecosystem to bring this essential information to local communities across Ontario.”

Nextdoor is where you plug into your neighbourhood and connect with the people and places in your community. Since it’s Canadian launch in 2019, Nextdoor has seen steady growth in communities across Canada. In the past year alone, Nextdoor has experienced a 2.5x increase in new members as neighbours come to Nextdoor everyday to connect with their communities, offer or ask for help from a neighbour, and most recently to find local vaccine information. 

To join your neighbourhood download the Nextdoor app or sign up at 

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