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Neighbours turn to Nextdoor at record pace to build community connections and access local information

Written by #TeamNextdoor
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

As Canadians navigate the third wave of the Covid pandemic, neighbours from across the country have turned to Nextdoor to combat isolation, share vital vaccine resources, and build meaningful local connections with the people and places near them. 

“In a world where people are yearning for human connection, Nextdoor builds relationships online so they can thrive offline,” said Christopher Doyle, Managing Director, Nextdoor Canada. “Whether it’s to make new friends, get things done, or create positive change in the community, our goal is to help build meaningful connections that drive people off the app and into real life.”

Growing in communities across Canada

Since Nextdoor launched in Canada in the fall of 2019, we’ve seen rapid growth in communities across the country. Today, nearly half of Canadians live in an active Nextdoor neighbourhood, with more than 99% of Toronto neighbours, 98% of Calgary neighbours, and 100% of Vancouver neighbours living in active Nextdoor neighbourhoods. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw a 17x increase in neighbours turning to Nextdoor to ask for and offer help.  Over the past three months, there has been an 88% increase in Canadians coming to Nextdoor every day to find relevant local information, driven particularly by neighbours looking for local vaccine information. 

“It’s really gratifying to see people come together to help each other during this time. People coming together to share information and help one another.” Gözde, Nextdoor neighbour in Etobicoke, Ontario. 

“Nextdoor is the place where you can ask a question and your neighbours are quick to jump in to help,” said Laurin, a neighbour living in Pickering, Ontario. “Thanks to Nextdoor I was able to quickly and easily find a clinic offering vaccines near me and find vaccine appointments for myself and my wife.”

How are we growing?

Dedicated community members, like Nancy of Nextdoor’s East Windsor neighbourhood, are fueling our growth. Over the past year, Nancy used Nextdoor’s neighbour-to-neighbour invites to send more than 1,000 invitations to her neighbours encouraging them to join Nextdoor and connect. “It’s bringing neighbours closer together while being socially distanced,” she recently shared. “Nextdoor is helping us build our neighbourhoods during this difficult time.”

A local team bringing a local approach

Nextdoor Canada is led by a local Canadian team, overseeing all aspects of the Canadian product development, marketing, and member engagement. We also have a dedicated Toronto-based engineering hub building products and features for the platform. Currently, they are focused on developing Nextdoor’s For Sale and Free product, a feature that allows  neighbours to buy, sell, and give items to people in the community.

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