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6 ways to reduce loneliness in your neighbourhood

Knowing as few as six neighbours reduces loneliness.

Nextdoor is on a mission to connect neighbours and cultivate a kinder world. As part of this mission, we’ve partnered with leading researchers on a global study examining how meaningful connections and small acts of kindness impact feelings of loneliness, quality of life, and well-being. 

Loneliness is an issue facing many of us today, especially in light of the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by Covid-19. In fact, 76% of Canadian neighbours report experiencing loneliness during the pandemic. However, our research also revealed that knowing as few as six neighbours reduces the likelihood of feeling lonely and is linked to lowering depression, social anxiety, and financial concerns related to COVID-19.

It also demonstrated that sharing small acts of kindness helped reduce the likelihood of feeling lonely. 

As we head into this holiday season, we hope you’ll continue reaching out to your neighbours, particularly those who may be feeling lonely or socially isolated. Here are ways to use Nextdoor to connect with your neighbour: 

  1. Join a Group around a common interest;
  2. Check in on a neighbour via direct messages
  3. Share a story about how you helped a neighbour—or how a neighbour helped you in the newsfeed;
  4. Visit the Cheer Map to organize a social distancing holiday walk with a neighbour;
  5. Learn more about how to reduce loneliness in your neighbourhood.
  6. Invite a neighbour or friend to join your local neighbourhood on Nextdoor, so we can help each other. 

Each day we’re so inspired by the ways neighbours around the world are connecting through Nextdoor: 

Our neighbourhoods aren’t just where we live, they’re essential to who we are. By spreading kindness and building connections we can help reduce loneliness and build a community where everyone has a neighbour they can count on, even if it’s from a safe, physical distance.

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