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How Nextdoor is Helping Neighbours Receive Accurate Information

At Nextdoor, the safety of you– our neighbours– is our top priority. As an organization, we are taking active measures to reduce the spread of misinformation, particularly relating to critical events such as COVID-19. To ensure that the information you find on Nextdoor is accurate and up-to-date, we have made important product updates:

COVID-19 Information Reminder: When you create a post related to COVID-19, a pop-up window will appear to slow you down and encourage you to check that the information you are sharing reflects the guidance from public health officials, like the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross or WHO. 

Misinformation Reporting: If you believe you see misinformation related to COVID-19, please follow these steps to report it so that our team can review and take the appropriate action.

Public Agency posts:  While not a new feature, you may have noticed an increase in posts from Public Agencies, such as the Canadian Red Cross. These partnerships are incredibly important to Nextdoor because they provide an outlet for you, our members, to connect with trusted organizations that provide you with accurate information and resources you can trust.

We continue to be inspired every day by how neighbours from across Canada and around the globe are coming together to provide help and support. From picking up groceries for neighbours in isolation, celebrating frontline workers, to painting messages of hope across your driveways, thank you!  If you’re healthy and able, raise your (figurative) hand for whatever you can by joining our Help Map. Now more than ever, we need the strength of our local community, and neighbours like you. 

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