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Neighbours come together to support budding entrepreneur

Lindsay joined Nextdoor in October of 2019 after receiving an invitation letter from a neighbour in the mail. While she has lived in her Liverpool neighbourhood of Pickering, Ontario for some time, she was missing the feeling of being connected to the community. 

Once on the platform, she started slow: an introduction, a few likes here and there. However it was when her daughter Christy launched a small business making homemade soaps, that Lindsay really experienced the power of a strong neighbourhood. 

Lindsay’s entrepreneurial daughter, Christy, is a 2020 high school grad who — like so many grads in this unprecedented year — was finding it very difficult to find a job this summer in the midst of the pandemic. However, unlike most grads, Christy has autism and recently battled thyroid cancer which left her immune system weak and at risk.  With these challenges, a regular job wasn’t in the cards at this time. 

So, with the help of Lindsay, Christy launched a home made soap company, called Buzz Bubblez (named after ‘buzz’ the stuffed animal she held close after recent Cancer surgery.)  On October 6th, Lindsay shared the launch of Buzz Bubblez with her neighbours on Nextdoor and was blown away by the response.  Within days they had more than 140 soap orders for neighbours eager to help Christy succeed and within a few months Christy had sold more than 500 soaps to her neighbours alone.

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Buzz Bubblez Soap, made by Christy Martin, Liverpool, Pickering, ON

“The Nextdoor app makes our community better and stronger,” Christy recently shared. And we are so grateful to have innovative, brave and brilliant members who are taking the time to connect with their neighbours and support one another during this time, and beyond.

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