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New features help you stay connected to more of the Neighbourhoods you care about

Written by #TeamNextdoor

We know you care about your Neighbourhood — and you may also be interested in Neighbourhoods that are farther away, but still relevant: a big event happening on the other side of town or the re-opening of a restaurant in your old Neighbourhood. You can now create, share, and view relevant posts beyond your immediate Neighbourhood. 

We are rolling out a new audience option called Anyone. Posts marked for Anyone can now be shared with people who will find them interesting, whether in your home Neighbourhood or beyond. When you select this for your post, you or another Nextdoor member can share the post with friends and family, on and off Nextdoor, or on other social sites. Additionally, if the post is relevant, we may distribute it to additional Neighbourhoods beyond the poster’s Nearby Neighbourhoods.

Some Nextdoor posts will only be relevant to nearby Neighbours: a lost wallet or broken street light. But perhaps you want as wide a distribution as possible for others: planning a fundraiser or recommending a craftsman you love. Your post can now be distributed much more broadly.

You are always in control of your audience when you post. You can select: Anyone, which makes your post shareable with anyone on or off Nextdoor; Nearby Neighbourhoods, the Neighbourhoods close to you; or Your Neighbourhood, which is your Neighbourhood only.

We are excited about what you will create and share as you are able to connect to more people and more Neighbourhoods.

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