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It Starts with A Wave: Nextdoor’s New look

You may have noticed that Nextdoor looks a little different these days. That’s because we’ve  introduced a new look, including a new logo. Our new logo is inspired by you– our neighbours. It reflects the actions and gestures we see in neighbourhoods every day. It starts with a wave. A wave is a universal gesture of connection. Waves build and grow. One wave leads to another. And another. Our Nextdoor Wave is both a warm welcome to all and a reminder that when we reach out to connect with those nearby, the possibilities are endless.

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An emphasis on action

Our brand is rooted in the way small actions grow into something bigger. From swapping school supplies to sharing stories, from starting walking groups to kick-starting conversations, your actions define your neighbourhood. The new Nextdoor logo is an invitation to take a first step. The bright, spring green expresses a warm welcome. The letterforms of the wordmark are a set of elemental shapes that speak to the building blocks of a Neighbourhood. These shapes are used in patterns and as accents that come together to tell a bigger story — just as neighbours can start with many simple actions and spark bigger change in their neighbourhoods.

Where Neighbourhoods happen

Nextdoor connects neighbours to each other — and to everything nearby: Local businesses, services, news updates, recommendations and stuff for sale from the people down the block. If ever there were a moment to connect with our neighbourhoods, that time is now. It’s time to meet the neighbour down the block, to sell that old sofa or to find a new local restaurant. Nextdoor helps neighbours tap into their Neighbourhoods like never before.

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