Good Neighbour Spotlight

Giving Thanks to our Neighbours

Written by Caroline Barrett

Whether your Thanksgiving tradition involves roasting turkey and eating delicious butter tarts, watching the Thanksgiving Day Classic or going for a walk to look at the fall colours in the great outdoors, today people across Canada will be celebrating all the things they’re thankful for. 

At Nextdoor, we know the importance of thanking the people in our lives who make our communities stronger, safer and happier places to call home, which is why we give our members the opportunity to “thank” a neighbour on Nextdoor for their contributions to their neighbourhood. Whether it’s thanking them for sharing a trustworthy recommendation, alerting the neighbourhood of an imminent snow storm approaching, organizing a pick-up game at a local rink, or lending a neighbour a can of breadcrumbs when the grocery store is closed just in the knick of time to save a Thanksgiving meal, now is the time to thank the special people in our lives.  

This Thanksgiving, we’re kicking off a new series in Canada called the “Good Neighbour Spotlight” so we can highlight some of the amazing things neighbours are doing and why we’re so thankful for them! 

This week meet Tom from Ontario. Tom and his wife have lived in Carson Grove for more than seven years, but never really got the chance to know many of their neighbours. Hopeful to meet some neighbours and make new friends, Tom and his wife thought about posting to Nextdoor to meet people like them who were over 50 and looking for a weekly social gathering. Ultimately, Tom wanted to open it up to the entire neighbourhood and get people together of all ages and backgrounds. Tom posted to Nextdoor asking if anyone might be interested in attending a neighbourhood gathering and was flooded with positive responses. He visited a local pub that a neighbour recommended to see if he could reserve a room and the owner gladly welcomed Tom’s idea to host neighbourhood event there. The group has had a few get togethers since September and plans to keep organizing them with his neighbour Pam. Together, they’re building community one meal at a time, and we’re thankful for neighbours like them this holiday!  

We know there are many more amazing Nextdoor stories from all corners of the country and we’d love to hear from you! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we invite you to share in the comments below how your neighbourhood has used Nextdoor to help others. 

We hope your holiday is filled with great company and warm memories. We’re grateful for your support and for all of our neighbours’ efforts to build stronger communities each day. From all of us at Nextdoor, we wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Such a great idea. So good to help each other. Even share things like lawn movers, and equipment . To reduce waste of all these things we use once a week, or 4 months a year.
    Have pet sitters handy, and make someones day by Needing them, or sharing your pet or kids, ect.
    We need more of this.
    Bernadette Carini

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